Frequently asked questions

My child has allergies, are you peanut-free?
Do you host birthday parties?
I’m a former gymnast or athlete who is looking for a place to train and may require some spotting. Can I do that at Cygnus?
Where are you located?
At what age can you join gymnastics?
What is your refund policy?
Can I sign up for more than one class a week?
When is registration?


Each session is 10 Weeks but the cost varies according to program:

  • Tipsie Toesies - $110
  • Rollin’ Rascals - $120
  • CanGym/Teen & Adult Rec. - $120
  • Advanced Badges (Orange +) - $145

*All members are subject to a yearly $10 GNL fee to cover insurance and equipment maintenance.