on 31/1/17

Winter Session Schedules

Also a reminder to contact our office at info@cygnusgym.com if you have not been receiving emails from our distribution list.

on 21/1/17

Cygnus CLOSED for the day

For those who were supposed to have their final recreation class from the Fall session today, report cards will be available for pickup during office hours.

on 20/1/17

Cygnus Closing at 7pm - Update a

Cygnus will be closing early this evening and into tomorrow morning due to impending weather.

on 16/1/17


Opening at 11 am

on 17/12/16

Rec & Drop In Dec/Jan Schedule

The Fall session resumes January 10-23 and the Winter session begins on January 31 (Not applicable to competitive).

on 15/12/16

Reopening at Noon

Classes this afternoon and evening will be going ahead.

on 13/12/16

Closed for the Day

Cygnus will remain closed for the day. Axtion party is rescheduled.

on 21/11/16

2017 Winter Registration

Registration for our 2017 Winter Recreational Registration is just around the corner. Click the above link for further details!

on 7/9/16

Fall 2016 Office Hours

Tuesday 9am-8pm | Wednesday 11am-7pm | Thursday 1pm-9pm | Friday 9pm-5pm | Saturday 9pm-5pm | Sunday CLOSED | Monday CLOSED