on 16/7/19

2019 Fall Registration

Registration for Fall 2019 is OPEN! Join us in September for a fun and fitness filled year!

on 10/5/19

45 Years of Cygnus Celebration!

Cygnus is Celebrating 45 Years with a weekend full of events August 9 & 10! Click above for more details and join the fun!

on 9/4/19

2019 Summer Camp!

Join us for a Fun and Fitness filled Summer with our half day and full day camps for KIDS AGE 3-12! Yes, we are offering single days, and early drop off/late pick up options again this year!

on 9/4/19

2019 Spring Registration

Registration for Spring 2019 is open! Check out our availability and get info by clicking the above link!

on 9/4/19

2019 - NEW Active Kids Drop In

Active Kids Drop in for kids age 6-12 is here! This program is ideal for beginner athletes who want to give our program a try! Check the above link for details!

on 9/4/19

2019 Beginner Coaching Course

Interested in becoming a coach? We're always looking for new coaches to join our team! Check the above link for details!

on 2/4/19

2019 Kids Night In!

Parents' need a night out? Check out our Kids Night In @ Cygnus! Click the above link for details.

on 2/4/19

2019 German Gym Wheel Classes!

Join us for German Gym Wheel Gymnastics Classes with World Champion Julia Pohling! Click the above link for details!

on 2/4/19

2019 Easter Programs!

Cygnus is inviting kids ages 3-12 to join us for a fun filled Easter break! Click the above link for details!