on 30/10/18

Job Posting: Financial Admin

We are hiring! Check out the above job ad for details.

on 12/10/18

Save The Date! Winter Recreation

on 23/7/18

2018 Current Members - IMPORTANT

Before our pre-registration, it is imperative current members ensure your accounts are flagged for priority registration. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact the office!

on 17/7/18

2018 Fall Rec Registration!

Registration for Cygnus 2018 Fall Recreational Session is just around the corner. Please click the above link for some details!

on 26/6/18

2018 Summer Birthday Parties

Cygnus is offering Saturday and Sunday Birthday Parties this July & August! Contact us to learn more!

on 9/6/18

2018 Summer Recreational Classes

Join us for Summer Recreational Classes at Cygnus! Registration for current members* opens Saturday, June 9th at 10:00am, and registration for new-members opens Monday, June 11th at 10:00am

on 7/4/18

2018 Baby Gymnastics!

Check out our Crazy Crawlers Program for babies age 4 months to walking! This class is a fun way to introduce your baby to a life long love of physical activity - Click the above link for details!

on 6/4/18

2018 Summer Camp!

Registration opens Tuesday, April 10th @ 12noon for our Summer Day Camp @ Cygnus! Kids age 3-12 can sign up and join the fun! Click the above link for more details!

on 21/3/18

2018 Kids' Night In @ Cygnus!

Parents' Night Out? Kids Night In @ Cygnus'!! Join us May 3, 12 & 26 for a night filled with gymnastics, fun and more! Click the above link for more details!