2018 New Online System Help

Tue, Mar 13th 2018, 18:55




Please click here to get started and following along with our step-by-step guide!

Step 1 - Set up your login

Once you have clicked the link above, you should see the following screen:

Please click the "Create and account" link highlighted in the image above. This should prompt you to enter an email address and a password.

Step 2 - Activate your account

Once you have submitted your email and password, it should take about 60 seconds for an email to be sent to you from "Amelia." This email will contain a link to activate your account. Click on the activation email and return to your now activated account.

Step 3 - Take a quick tour

Once you have logged in to your activated account, our registration system will show you this screen:

Click the "Take a quick tour" link to be shown some of the basic features of your account.

Step 4 - Understanding your menu options

On the left side of your screen, you should see the following options:

Highlighted, is the Billing Option. This is where you will be able to see anything you have purchased, the cost, and your receipts. This includes classes, camps, and merchandise. You will not see anything here yet as our registration will open up on the 17th-19th of May!

In the image above, highlighted is the purchases tab. In this tab you will be able to see which items have been purchased and for which person. You will not see anything here yet as our registration will open up on the 17th-19th of May!

Step 5 - Setting up your family's members

Before registration is set to begin, we want to make sure that you and all of your family's athletes are put into the system. Please click the tab highlighted in the following image:

Once you have clicked this, you should see the following screen:

Please click the "+Add a person" button. We would like for you to set up your (the parent/guardian) account first. Once you have filled in the name and basic information (DOB is not required for a parent), you should see the following screen:

Please enter an address into the address section. We do not distribute flyers via mail and would only use a mailing address for requested documents.
Similarly, we would appreciate an email address and primary phone number for yourself. This information will not be used for spam or email distribution. It would only be used in the event that we need to contact you directly.
Once you have done this, it is time to enter your athlete's information! Please scroll back up to the top of the screen where you should see this:

Click on the "+Add a peron" button.
Once you have clicked that button and see the screen to add your child, please make sure to select "child" for anyone under the age of 18 as shown in the box highlighted below.

Please note that it will not ask you for all of the information we will need before registering. When you check out on May 17th-19th, we require that you fill out forms before payment. This is where we will ask more information that we will need for specific programs such as MCP #, more detailed contact information, etc.

Step 6 - All set and wait for registration times May 17-19!

Once you have all of your members set up including yourself and your athlete(s), you are all set for your registration date! You can log back on during your registration time to choose your classes and camps!









Step 1 - Choose your program

After clicking the link, you should see the following screen:

In this screen you will choose the program that you would like to register for. In this example, I will be registering for the Summer Day Camp for the last week of July.

Step 2 - Choose your week/class

Once you have selected your program, select the week (or class if you are registering for summer session) that you would like. In this example, I am choosing the last week of July.

Step 3 - Register your athlete

Once you have selected the week/class that you would like, the registration system will show you the options for individual days/time slots as seen below. Select the days and time slot(s) that you would like. In this case, I would like July 24-28 for a full 5 days to receive my 5 days for $180.

Once you have selected the blue button, this screen will pop up:

Select the blue button next to the athlete that you wish to register. In this case, my Test Child 1 is eligible, but I am not as I am a parent and therefor out of the age range for the camp. You may select multiple athletes in this window if you have multiple that are eligible. Once the blue button turns green, select 'continue shopping' to move onto the next day/class time slot.

Step 4 - View your cart

Once you have registered for all the programs, camps, and class time slots that you would like, it is time to check out. You should see this 'view cart' button on the top right of the screen. Click that button, and then hit 'checkout.'

After you have hit checkout, you should be brought to the screen that shows your cart items like this:

Check and see if your invoice is correct. Here, it shows that I have registered for 5 days of Summer camp, and then it shows me my discount so that my total is 5 days for $180.

Step 5 - Checkout

Once you have made sure that everything is correct, hit the 'checkout' button on the previous page as shown in the screen view above. Once you have hit this button, you will be brought to the screen below:

This first screen is collecting information from you, the parent. Before your registration can be complete, we do require some extra information from you. This information will be kept secure at all times and only used if we need to contact you directly or your child needs to contact you. Please fill out this form accurately and with as much detail as you feel comfortable giving.

Once you have the parent information filled out, please select 'continue my purchase' and it will bring you to the following screen:

On this screen is some important information on your child including any medical issues, consent, and emergency contact. Again, this information will be kept private and secure unless we or your child need to contact you directly. For the 'Read me' buttons, please make sure that you click them, and press "agree" in the pop up window.

Step 6 - Payment

After all the information has been inputted on yourself and your athletes, select 'continue my purchase.' This will prompt you to select either credit card or e-check. Select your preferred method and continue to fill out your information.

A reminder that if you need to pay in cash or by paper cheque, you must register in person at our office. If you are having any issues with registering online, please contact the office ASAP at info@cygnusgym.com or by phone at 709-739-8197. A reminder that at registration time, we can experience a higher call volume and more emails than usual, so please be patient as we try and help as many people as quickly as possible.

We are looking forward to classes this summer!!