Recreational Policies

At Cygnus Gymnastics Training Centre we are proud of our commitment to bring you the best gymnastics programs in the province. Our Staff offer many years of experience and national certification. Our goal is to provide a safe and positive experience for all our members.

Communication is important and we encourage you to discuss the progress and the goals of your gymnast with our staff.  We ask that you make arrangements ahead of time to speak with the coaches as they are unable to leave their classes unattended. To make arrangements, please contact and you will be directed accordingly. 

Below is an outline of some of our Policies and Safety Regulations. Note that there are other policies which govern Cygnus which are not listed here. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to call us at 739-8197.

Drop Off/Pick Up/Washroom Policy:
Classes commence and end promptly at the scheduled times. Please do not drop your child off early without supervision and be on time to pick up your child. Parents are required to bring their children directly to the gym and wait until they are in the custody of the coach. If delayed, please call the gym.

Parents of children who cannot use the washroom independently without assistance are asked to stay in the building for the duration of their child’s class.

Cygnus is not responsible for children until they enter the gym floor. Our staff reinforces the “wait in the lobby” rule, however once our staff continue with another class it is difficult to ensure that your child stays in the facility. Therefore it is most important to be prompt, and to inform your child to stay inside the facility. We share our space with Loblaws Limited (Dominion Stores) and we ask that our members do not exit our facility via the Dominion entrance without adult accompaniment.

Class Cancellations and Gym Closures:
The decision to close the gym due to weather will be at the discretion of the Executive Director.  Decisions will be made according to the following timeline:

Morning Gym Closure: A decision will be made by 8:00AM and communicated accordingly

Afternoon: Should the gym be closed for the morning, an updated decision will be made by 11:00AM regarding the remainder of the afternoon

Evening: A final decision to close the gym (or keep it closed for the remainder of the day) will be made by 3:00PM

Closures due to weather or building closure WILL NOT be rescheduled. Classes cancelled due to coach absenteeism will be rescheduled.


Communication of the decision to close will be made by the most efficient means possible including website, radio stations, Facebook and Twitter. Due to the high volume of participants and coaches involved with the Club, individual families/coaches will not be contacted directly. Participants, coaches and staff are ultimately responsible for ensuring they are aware of class cancellation or continuance. The general rule of thumb is: when in doubt, check our website before heading out.


Parking is available on the left hand side of the parking lot and in the back parking lot next to Quidi Vidi Lake.  Please do not park in spaces allotted for Dominion Store customers unless you are grocery shopping.

Parent Viewing

Parent Participation is only necessary with our Crazy Crawlers, Drop In & Tipsie Toesies programs. For safety and insurance reasons, only registered participants are permitted in the gym. Family members and friends are welcome to observe the class from our Viewing Area but must refrain from entering the gym. Parents are not required to stay for class, however we do ask that parents of children that need assistance in the washroom stay for the duration of the class.


We strive to provide a safe and fun learning environment for our members. In order to fulfill this commitment we ask that all children abide by basic behavioural guidelines and safety regulations. Our instructors set clear boundaries and expectations as to appropriate conduct and should action need to be taken due to a child’s continuous interruptions of the positive atmosphere or ongoing disregard for the rules, parents will be notified. We ask your cooperation in reaching a positive outcome for all involved.

Dress Code 

Gym suit, or shorts and a t-shirt must be worn. Hair must be pulled up neatly out of a child’s face. Please no jewelry, zippers or belt buckles. For safety reasons skorts, skirts, baggy shirts, baggy pants, or pants that are too long are not permitted to be worn during class. Gum, Beverages and Food are not permitted in our gym. Bare Feet are preferable, however gymnastics slippers are suitable. All street clothing and footwear is to be stored in the change rooms. Water Bottles containing juice or sports drinks are to be kept in the change rooms.


Member Status

Membership Status with Cygnus is on an annual basis (September to August).

Cygnus Fee Structure 

There are fees associated with participation in our Cygnus Programs:

Fees & Payment

Training fees are due in full at time of registration. All registrations will only be accepted in person; we do not accept telephone or email registration. We will only accept late registration where space permits. Fees will be pro-rated for any accepted late registration after the end of week 2 of the session. There is a 10% discount for the second child and a 15% discount for the third and additional child from the same immediate family. The Facility Maintenance Fee is a once a year (Sept-Aug) fee that is charged to all participants in our program. This fee is non refundable.

Refund Policy
Requests for refunds must be completed on a refund request form, and must be approved by the Recreational Coordinator. The following conditions apply to refunds: